200th Anniversary Resources!

July 15, 2020 marked the beginning of a year-long celebration of the
200th Anniversary of the Brothers of Saint Joseph,
now the Brothers of Holy Cross.

Below we share the wonderful resources available for your celebration, courtesy of the Congregation of Holy Cross, including the Midwest Province, the Moreau Province, the United States Province of Priest and Brothers, and an especial thank you to the Brothers at Columba Hall for their contributions to "The Brothers of Saint Joseph: A Resource Manual", collected and collated by Ed Donnelly.

Bros of St Joseph Resource Manual MWProv.pdf


The Brothers of Saint Joseph: A Resource Manual for Religious Teachers and Campus Ministers
(PDF, 221 pages) (click title above to access the PDF)

He Went About Doing Good A collection of essays and photos celebrating the life and ministry of Father Jacques-Francois Dujarie. (A Holy Cross Institute publication, 38 pages)

The Brothers of St. Joseph by Brother George Klawitter, CSC. (Book, available in three formats, 254 pages)


The Foundation (English) scroll down and click the blue and white 200th Anniversary graphic to start the video
Brother Nich Perez, CSC, produced this brief film documentary to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the founding of the Brothers of Saint Joseph and their influence on the mission of Holy Cross today.

French: La Fondation - https://vimeo.com/433009028/ff146f6efa

Portuguese: A Fundação - https://vimeo.com/433007828/cf4d956657

Spanish: La Fundación - https://vimeo.com/433177433/6402dcdfaa

The Early Years: In this video, Br. Phil Smith, Fr. Jim Connelly, and Br. George Klawitter deliver three short historical papers on the Brothers' early years. Includes information on lesser-known schools the Brothers ran in France and elsewhere under often difficult situations and large numbers of students. Shows how, despite the Brothers' shortcomings, they were used by God to His glory.

Ave Crux Spes Unica