Who We Serve

Rope Bridge to Friends: Colegio Santa Maria students on mission trip in Brazil

Who We Serve

Inspired by each other. The commitment to unite in a common mission inspired this institute, which serves Holy Cross educators in the US and beyond. Many have fostered mission as a lifelong experience, developed grassroots ministries and collaborated on local and regional initiatives to sustain the Holy Cross heritage.

The Institute enables:

  • Experienced educators to continue their spiritual development and nurture leadership capabilities.
  • Board members to participate in more structured opportunities, such as annual retreats and heritage seminars, to learn how to enhance mission-based decision making.
  • Holy Cross students to take part in leadership conferences and service ministries.
  • People in different regions to learn from and collaborate with each other as they implement the Holy Cross mission.

Reaching out to diverse communities. Designed to respond to the needs of the 25 schools and nine universities across the country sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross, Holy Cross Institute stimulates reflection and evaluation of the Holy Cross tradition worldwide. The Holy Cross charism — the divinely inspired gift to our community — transcends cultural differences and guides our individual and collective growth in mission.

Examining ways to build a community of learning and practice among Holy Cross educators. More than 150 individuals from 22 Holy Cross institutions across the country gathered at St. Edward's University March 26–28, 2006, to consider what it means to be a Holy Cross educator at the Holy Cross Institute's Inaugural Convocation. Since then, attendance has continued to grow, now including educators from our Holy Cross international schools. The institute serves schools and programs in 14 US states and around the globe as it helps to ensure that the Holy Cross mission is carried forward with the same intentions and passion embodied by the university's and Congregation's founders. A governing board defines how the institute will provide mission-based programs, research and training for the laity serving as administrators and educators.